How To Capture Time Lapse Video Of Construction

capture time lapse video construction

A time lapse video is one of the awesome ways to capture memorable moments or showcase your work. However, creating long-term time lapse videos can be tough. Of course, many smartphones and cameras we have today include time lapse capabilities. But recording several hours can definitely be challenge, especially if you’re making a video about a construction project.

So if you really want to make superb time lapse construction videos and witness the action unfold from start to finish, we invite you to continue reading as we are going to share tip on how to capture time lapse video of construction effectively in today’s post.

Let’s begin…

Keep A Visual Record Of The Construction Site

Having a detailed record of the construction project is vital. So make sure to get a copy of the images, written reports, sketches, and blueprints as these will be helpful in planning the video stages you are going to make.

And with the use of time lapse construction cameras, you can create a video representation of the project at greater speed. And the good thing about this is you can choose to pause, rewind, or fast-forward so you’ll be able to appreciate the essence how it is accomplished in detail.

Moreover, it’s recommended to take as many photos as you can as it’s expected that there will be lots of images that you can’t use in the final sequence. So take more and more photos as there will pictures that’s either too bright or too dim that will make them unusable.

Use Aperture Priority

Set the time lapse camera in Aperture Priority and leave all other settings in manual. And the reason for this is you’ll be experiencing all sorts of lighting conditions as you are taking photos in sequence for weeks, months, and even years. So it’s recommended to set your camera this way so the device will be able to properly expose each shot.

And as for the manual settings, you can choose any of the 3 presets for the white balance, but don’t forget to put ISO in automatic during day time shots and manual during night shots.

Expect The Unexpected

When dealing with a long-term project, expect for things to go wrong at some point like electronic issues, dirt build up on the window, spider webs on the window, lighting strikes, etc. So it’s best to prepare of situations like this by:

  • Installing the equipment in an accessible but cheap-to-access location at the same time.
  • Perform regular maintenance every 2 to 3 months to ensure the camera will be operating in the ideal conditions.

Post-Production Tips

And finally, when the project and the recording are complete, here are the things you need to do to create a stunning construction time lapse video.

  1. Use LRTimelapse feature to fix flickering.
  2. Use frame blending to fix object flicker (an object jumps into one sequence resulting in a staccato effect).
  3. Be creative and add dynamic movements like zoom, pan, and tilt to the sequence or experiment with After Effects to make your video more interesting.

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